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Make your customers smile with this smart online waitlist app.
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Online Waitlist System

online waitlist

Online Waitlist

Bust your lines with an online waitlist that you can manage on any device, even without WiFi.

inform guest

Keep Guests Informed

Let guests run errands while waiting and check the wait on their phone. Once it's time, they get an SMS to return.

checkin kiosk

Check-in Kiosk

Set up a kiosk for customers to add themselves to your waitlist - online or in your store.

display monitor

Display Waitlist

Show your waitlist in realtime on a large monitor in your store to keep everyone informed.


Wait Time & Analytics

Get accurate wait times and learn about your visit trends to improve your operations.

customer data

Learn About Customers

Capture all your customer visits automatically. Send campaign to frequent visitors or re-engage old ones.

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Why use an Online Waitlist?

  • Improve customer satisfaction Let customers wait anywhere and keep them informed with SMS
  • Reduce wait times Optimize your wait times automatically with data
  • Reduce no-shows Convenience reduces customer no-shows with up to 15%, per study
  • Improve sales Increased satisfaction and time back will increase your sales
  • Learn about customers Build your customer list and see which customers are most loyal
  • Improve operations with analytics See wait time trends over time to improve bottlenecks

How It Works

1. View your waitlist

This is your command center, where you add, serve and notify your waiting guests. At a glance you can see what the estimated wait time is and your daily stats.

View your waitlist

2. Add new guests

Quickly add a new guest to your waitlist on any device. You can choose what info to capture for new guests, like phone, email, service preference, party size and more. Create a kiosk to let guests add themselves to your waitlist.

Add new guests

3. Send text alerts

Once a guest is waitlisted they get a confirmation SMS with helpful info. When its soon their turn, they receive an automated text alerting them to head back. You can also send custom text alerts. You can customize and change the texts to suit your business.

Send text alerts

4. Show your waitlist on display

While waiting, your guests can see where they are in line on your public waitlist. Show this on a big TV screen in your lobby or embed on your website.

Show your waitlist on display

5. Let guests wait anywhere

Your guests no longer have to physically stay around and wait. Now they can go enjoy themselves and they will get another alert when it's time to come back.

Let guests wait anywhere

6. Build your customer database

Every guest you add to your waitlist will be saved in your customer database. Learn which customers are most loyal, see visit history and export your data into Excel.

Build your customer database

7. Learn about your wait times

See insights into your wait times, peak hours, busy days and other trends so you can better manage your operations.

Learn about your wait times

Create your waitlist in 3 mins.

Sign up to the Waitwhile online waitlist system in 3 minutes and get it up and running today.

Create My Waitlist No credit card required.
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