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Contractor Safety Barricades


Portable Safety Barriers

Quickly create a safe and complete visual barrier zone in virtually unlimited indoor applications.

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Steel Barricade

Crowd Safety Barricades

Built from heavy gauge steel and are hot-dipped galvanized inside and out for long-term weather resistance.

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Crowd Control Steel Barricades

Lightweight but durable crowd control steel barricades.

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Crowd Control Plastic Barricades

Plastic Fillable

Crowd Control Barricades OTW

The Plastic Fillable Barriacade is more than just a pedestrian barricade. At zoos, festivals, stadiums, and construction sites these innovative barricades create clear delineation and serve as an attractive advertising platform.

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Avalon Plastic

Crowd Control Barricades

Has a linking design that creates secure, tamper free, connections. Legs adjust to uneven ground.

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ADA Pedestrian Barricade & Strongwall

ADA Compliant, no trip hazard for pedestrians. Modular system can be shaped to any layout.

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Concert Stage Barriers

Safety & Efficiency

The Versa-Corner is constructed from lightweight aluminum and comes with a clear or black powder coat finish.

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Expandable & Other Barricades

FlexPro & FlexMaster

Expanding Barricades

Expanding Barricades FlexPro & FlexMaster, available in materials of plastic, aluminum and steel.

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Expanding Barricades

Provide effective safety, security, reduce accidents and enhance work zone identification.

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Crowd Control Barriers

Manufactured from rust-proof anodized aluminum and HDPE impact-resistant plastic, and designed to withstand heavy use and outdoor elements.

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Manhole Guard

Great for protecting any area requiring temporary restriction of access.

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Movit & Minit

Plastic Crowd Control Barriers

Made from strengthened polypropylene formula which is recyclable, environmentally friendly, and will never rust, chip, or scratch.

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