Tensabarrier by Tensator Buyer's Guide

New Tensabarrier Stanchion Base Design

In 2017 Tensator - the manufacturer of Tensabarrier Stanchion had redesigned the base for the most popular stanchion models Tensabarrier 889 and Tensabarrier 890.

New Tensabarrier Stanchion Base Design *If you need replacement covers for the old design (left) Tensabarrier stanchions, please inquire.

New Tensabarrier Stanchion Base Design

The most popular Tensabarrier finishes. More finishes are available here.

New Tensabarrier Stanchion Base Design

The bottom of the Tensabarrier stanchion with rubber floor protectors.

Patented Tensabarrier centrifugal braking system

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Tensabarrier Belt Ends

Panic/Break Away Belt End

Panic/Break Away Belt End

Provide a panic breakaway in both directions, allowing for a fast exit in an emergency.

Wire Clip Belt End

Wire Clip Belt End

A metal clop secures the belt and by looping around an upright and clipping bac on the webbing. Ideal where the clamp mount is used and attaching a wall receiver is not practical.

Magnetic Belt End

Magnetic Belt End

The belt end contains a magnet, so that the webbing can be attched to metal surfaces without the need for a wall receiver. The magnetic belt end can be supplied with a magnetic plate on request.

NEW: “Magnetic Breakaway Belt End” - we can modify Tensabarriers to comply with the fire codes of states like Florida or Michigan by adding magnetic belt end and adding metal splines on all 3 receives on the top of the post. The magnetic belt end combined with a metal receiving spline on the receiving portion of the stanchion creates a reliable connection for everyday use along with quick release for emergency situation. Cost $20 per post, product code TEND-DBWH.

Tensabarrier Wall Mounted Belt Barrier Guide

Tensabarrier Mounting on the Wall and Belt End Options

Standard Configuration Wall Mount

Standard Configuration - the unit and the wall receptacle installs to the wall with screws (included). The belt end is standard - connects to the wall receptacle or to another portable stanchion, Tensabarrier or any other brand.

Easily and securely screw onto a wall or sturdy surface.

Other Mounting Options - you can select these options on the product page.

  • Clamp Mount
  • Magnetic Mount
  • Removable Mount
  • Warehouse Rack Mount
  • Concealed Mount

Wall Mount 1
Wall Mount 2
Wall Mount 3

Wall Mount 4

Wall Mount 5
Wall Mount 6
Wall Mount 7

Wall Mount 8
Wall Mount 9

Wall Mount 10
Wall Mount 11

Wall Mount 12
Wall Mount 13

Tensator Metal Custom Finish

Mix and Match Belt Color

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