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Sign Frames For Rope Stanchion

  • Sign Frames can be attached to any crown or flat top stanchion (signage cannot be fitted to ball top models).
  • To fit sign frames the rope stanchion top is tapped with a thread which the frame screws into. We will do this for before shipping your order.
    Sign Frame Tradtional Rope Stanchion
  • If you are ordering ball top stanchions and want to have a a sign frame on top of a few of them, we will use the flat top with the sign frames.
    Choosing sign frames with all sizes, finishes and insert options can be confusing - don’t worry, every order is manually checked, we will reach out to you if we have any concerns about your order. You can also place your order for the stanchions only and write a note "please call me I need to add sign frames to my order" in the order comments.