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Crowd Control Barriers and How They Are Used

Crowd control barriers are used everywhere whenever there is a change of mass gathering no matter how small. And these barriers do manage a large mass of people efficiently giving maximum utilization of space and enhancing efficiency of the joint. These are used both indoors and outdoors in venues like malls, parking lots, schools, cruises, hotels etc. different kind of venue calls for a different material, color and visage. For instance a high end hotel front desk will have to have a form of crowd control barrier that matches the décor and complements the environment, not stand out from it. Crowd control barriers which are used outdoors for construction sites or road works are required to be sturdier in nature and eye catching to warn traffic and pedestrians from a long distance and manage their impact up to some extent. The posts and belts are made from materials according to the usage.

In today’s industry of crowd control barriers Tensator has made quite a reputation with their tensabarrier. For good quality crowd control barriers Tensator crowd control barriers and Lawrence metal tensabarriers are the go to solution. They are used for various situations.

Crowd Control Stanchions

These are widely used for safety and crowd control applications. These barriers have been associated with security and safety maintenance. The materials are mostly polyethylene which gives these barriers longevity as well as making them sturdy. The base of these stanchions could be filled up with any kind of material depending on the degree of stability required. Mostly used are sand for extreme weather and hard impact cases and water for normal situations. The size and dimension of these stanchion barriers vary widely and could be found in different specifications from the same manufacturer. Chains could be added separately or bought together with the item. These materials are light weight and very efficient to put up and pack up. Following are the parts of these barriers and they come with extra accessories like warning posts and signs which make them easily visible to oncoming traffic or pedestrians.

Warning Posts: these posts come with a base, ball heads and C hooks so that chains could be changed and replaced as necessary. The base is hollow and could be filled up with soil, gravel, sand or water for giving it weight stability.

Plastic Chains: These chains are hung between the posts which create the temporary barriers. The chains are mostly made of lightweight materials like polyethylene so setting them up is quite easy and it prevents the chains from kinking. These chain links are also available in various sizes and colors, these could be bought along with the stanchions or separately according to need. Since these are attachable and detachable easily, they could be replaced in case the color or chain is damaged.

Crowd control barriers even come in glow in dark material to be visible across a wide area in night. The standard of these equipment have set a new definition in crowd management.

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