Since 1881 Tensator has been the leader in manufacturing quality crowd control products that helps to provide its customers with queue management and customer guidance. Tensator strives to help its customers improve their business’s efficiencies, improve their business’ productivity, help their customers to minimize their business’s customer waiting time and to reduce their customer’s frustrations with a long wait. Tensator does all of this just with the use of one of their products!

Tensator products are the world’s leading crowd control barrier systems on the market today. With their patented braking system that has the belt fall down to the floor before retracting back into its base slowly help to make Tensator products one of the safest types of crowd control barriers available. Besides the patented braking system these products are also manufactured with anti-tamper tape which only allows the tape to come unattached from the base not by tugging on it, by a release button that needs to be pressed in order for the tape to become loose. The anti-tamper tape greatly reduces the risk of an accident from occurring to your customers or their children.

No matter what your needs are, whether you need a crown control barrier that must be used outside or inside, a Tensator crowd control barrier come in different size webbings available depending on your needs whether you need 7 inch webbing all the way up to 13 inch webbing. There are also many base options that you can choose from so you can choose the right crowd control barrier to fit your needs and there are a variety of colors you can choose from to make your barrier unique such as yellow, white, red, black or blue.

No matter what your Tensator needs are, our trained specialists are standing by to help you choose the right Tensator product for you. We carry the widest selection of Tensator products at the greatest prices available online and we can help you choose the best crowd control barrier that best fits your needs.

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