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890 Slimline Tensabarrier Review

Tensator has been the leader of high quality crowd control products since 1881, and the 890 Slimline Tensabarrier is further proof of their extraordinary reputation. Tensator specializes in queue management and customer guidance, which is an essential aspect of most businesses. They work hard to increase a business' efficiency and productivity by minimizing the wait time for customers. The 890 Slimline Tensabarrier is Tensator's most popular product that is designed for queue management. It has been one of many products that have allowed Tensator Crowd Control Barriers to become the top ones on the market.

The 890 Slimline Tensabarrier is the only product of its kind that has a post with the slim line 2”designed post. This is one of the reasons that have made it a customer favorite for over 25 years. You can even choose from a very large variety of finished bases and belt options. You get to choose from many different colors, patterns, and messages for the belts. Customers love the high level of combustibility that comes standard with our products. The 890 Slimline Tensabarrier is made with stainless steel posts with cast iron slim profile bases that come complete with pressed steel covers. This allows them to be used for both indoor and outdoor use without having to worry about them wearing out quickly. There are six base options that are currently available, and the posts also come in a large variety of colors and finishes as well. The posts are made with a 36 degree displacement angle that prevent them from easily falling over. Tensator patented their special belt retracting system, which allows the belts to retract safely and slowing to prevent any injuries. Many of these features are unique to the 890 Slimline Tensabarrier, which has allowed it to become the standard of a high quality crowd control product.

The 890 Slimline Tensabarrier can always be purchased at a reasonable price, but there are often great sales that allow you to save even more. Right now, you can purchase one with black posts and 7.5' feet of black belt for only $99.90. All other belt colors can be purchased for only $14.90 more. Tensator offers free ground shipping to any of the contiguous US states for no minimum purchase. More options are available for purchase at an additional cost. For example, you can choose the model with a 13 foot belt instead of the current 7.5 foot model. You can also purchase a large variety of sign holders to attach to the posts.

The 890 Slimline Tensabarrier is one of the greatest crowd management products that is available on the market. It is an essential tool for any business that is looking to manage their queues in a calm and orderly fashion. It is very effective in improving the efficiency of businesses, as well as the happiness of their customers. The 890 Slimline Tensabarrier is great for all settings, thanks to the large amounts of customizations that you can choose for it. It is high quality and very durable, which allows you to keep using this great product for many years to come. It is also very affordable, so it is definitely a smart purchase for any business that needs help with crowd management.

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