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Popular Crowd Control Barriers and their Usage

Tensator has set the market standard in crowd control barriers by inventing the Tensabarrier. One of the closest match in the market are Lawrence Metal Tensabarriers. These crowd control barriers are a necessity for most situations. Stanchions or barricades come in a lot of varieties and they are specific to events, situations and even spaces. For instance take the classic stanchions and barriers, these are used to rope in a control rope between two posts. Mostly we could find these kinds of barriers near hotel queues. These does not mar the style and décor of the place. For instance placed in a hotel front desk queue, these barriers and stanchions manage the guests efficiently all the while not blotting the décor of the room. The design of these stanchions and barriers vary in shapes and designs and could come perfectly customized according to the décor.

Crowd Control Barriers

Varieties of crowd control products

Tensator crowd control barriers are not only limited to the classic options like barriers and stanchions. Plastic posts and chains are available for easy access for barricading a place. These weigh very less which means they could be set up by anyone anywhere, perfect for situations when a wet floor sign needs to be put on or such emergency like that. Retractable stanchions have made a name for their efficiency too. Outdoor utilities are a must for situations when a public place needs to be marked for work in progress. These are used by utility companies for when they need traffic and public out of the work area.

The Tensabarrier from Tensator has recently used additional quality measures to ensure the customers get the best quality product for their crowd control needs. These products come with a new belt and Tensabarrier logo incorporated by the sides of these products. Tensabarrier is one of the safest barriers available in the market. These have been modified to contain a patented braking system which slows down significantly the retraction of the webbing. This eliminates the risks associated with queue accidents.

Durability and usability

The crowd control barriers are water resistant to ensure they could have prolonged lifetime and could be used repeatedly in almost any environment. This is a must for outdoor utilities due to the reason that they are always used outside. These products are designed carefully to be used in public areas like construction sites where barricades are put all around the work area, cruise ships and ports near the railing and inside the deck, amusement park queues for rides and shops, playgrounds, resorts and agricultural places.

The products have iron branded base and have hard wiring case. Anti-tamper connection between two points offers flexibility, on top of that these products come with full set of accessories. Marine applications of these barriers use stainless steel posts which are painted with durable power coating allowing for a superior glossy finish of the barricade, this also is the key for the color retention and storage stability of these products. Crowd control products are called for maintain guest lists and customers everywhere.

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