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Shipping heavy orders on a palette LTL (less than a truckload).

Orders that are too large or heavy to be shipped via Fedex or UPS will be shipped by a truck.

Due to the complexity we can't calculate freight cost for these large shipments as we do for smaller regular packages. When you place your order if you get the message "Heavy package - we will contact you with a quote" it means that the total weight of your order may have reached the weight limit and we will have to manually calculate and email you the freight quote and then only after your approval we will ship your order and charge the card. You can also use your own carrier instead.

Some of our customers are experienced shipper/receivers, with fully staffed receiving departments and docks. Other customers are not as experienced or have no formal receiving area or staff and may find trucking company definitions and policies confusing. The trucking company defines the delivery policies and fees and we pass them along to you on your invoice.

Customers purchasing products transported by LTL motor freight will receive tracking (PRO#) and LTL Receiving Instructions via e-mail. For delivery appointments, please call your carrier direct at the number provided. If you don't keep an appointment with the carrier, additional shipping fees are charged for redelivery by the carrier. Customers needing a lift gate truck at destination must notify us at time of purchase. Second delivery attempts will incur additional fees. Trucking companies have their own fee/delivery rules. These fees are beyond our control and are billed to us from the transportation company.

What is Tailgate (Dock-to-Dock) Delivery?
As part of the common carrier driver ICC regulations, truck drivers are required only to bring merchandise to the tailgate (end) of their vehicle. It is then the customers responsibility to remove it from the truck. If you do not have the personnel or facilities to handle unloading, we suggests the following:

Lift Gate Service and/or Inside Delivery
These services may be requested before the shipment leaves the factory. ADDITIONAL CHARGES apply for Inside Delivery. Inside delivery does not automatically include lift gate service. If there is no receiving dock you should request a lift gate to lower the merchandise from the end of truck to ground level. If inside delivery is requested, the driver will assist someone from your business in moving merchandise off the truck into the building. If there is an elevator available, the driver may also assist in taking the merchandise to any floor above or below the delivery floor. If no elevator exists, the driver will only assist in bringing the merchandise into the entrance on the ground floor. If there are steps, additional help will be required.


If there is any damage, however small, to the carton, packing material, if pieces are missing, have the driver make notations on the delivery receipt. Open and inspect all packages/cartons immediately, we suggests you do this while the driver is present. Concealed damages discovered after cartons are opened must be reported within 15 days of receipt of merchandise TO THE FREIGHT COMPANY and inspection requested. Be sure to retain all packing materials for the inspection. Notify us immediately for information on how to report the loss/damage to the freight company and proper procedure for filling out a claim.

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