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Revenue Generating Customer Queues

The customer queue is the best impulse buy location in any retail store. Queuing customers are idle making them far more likely to interact with products than in any other location including the checkout. Our slatwall panel merchandizing system allows retailers to convert existing queue barriers into revenue generating merchandizing fixtures, turning a dead space into a profit center. Browsing in the queue keeps customers occupied making the wait seem shorter which improves the customer experience.

Queue Line Merchandising

Merchandizing Panel System

Our Merchandizing Panel System is the only queue based slatwall system that does not require the purchase of new stanchions and works with any brand of belt barrier. The panel's design allows for fast, easy installation without the need to lift heavy panels above the posts. Multiple panels can be connected to create a run of any size. The panel will accept a wide range of slatwall accessories and the posts tops can be fitted with our Display Bowl for increased capacity.

Panel Attachment System

Our unique panel attachment collars allow any existing belt barrier to be fitted with slat wall panels. The collar's one piece design allows fast, simple set up and it's 4 way connectivity means panels can be attached in line and at right angles. Panels are attached at the bottom first so they do not have to be lifted above the post making installation easy for a single person.

Standard Slatwall Panel

Aluminum Slatwall panel housed in a steel frame with placement lugs to fit into post collars.

See Specifications

Slatwall Tall

Extra Height Slatwall Panel

48" high Slatwall panel allows greater merchandizing space for the same foot print.

See Specifications

Standard Panel

Slatwall Easy Setup

Small Store

Functional merchandized queue with minimal footprint

Stanchon Basic

"L" Shape

Mid size queue system with "L" footprint

Slatwall Stanchon Layout3

Medium Configuration

Mid size queue system with square footprint

Merch System Panel

Large Configuration

High capacity fully merchandized queue, can be expanded to any size

Slatwall Stanchion Queue

Flexible Configuration Options

See Specifications

Stanchion Config
Stanchion Config
Stanchion Config


49" X 9"

Metal Shelf

Slatwall Metal Shelf Small

49" X 12"

Large Metal Shelf

Slatwall Metal Wide

49" X 12"

Wire Shelf

Slatwall Wire Shelf

49" X 12"

Large Wire Shelf

Slatwall Wireshelf Wide

Slant Basket

Slatwall Basket


Slatwall Hook

Saddle Tray

Slatwall Saddle

Divided Tray

Slatwall Tray

Display Bowl

Slatwall Stanchion Bowl

Magazine Holder

Slatwall Magazine Holder

Acrylic Pocket

Slatwall Pockets

Slatwall Panel Specifications

Post Collar
Diameter: 2" / 2.5"
Standard Merchandizing Panel
Height : 36"
Width : 49"
Weight: 32lb
Extra Height Merchandizing Panel
Height : 48"
Width : 49"
Weight: 41lb

Queue Line Merchandising Panels & Display Bowls

The Merchandizing panel brings the capacity and versatility of a slatwall fixture to the best impulse buy locationin the store, the customer queue. The panel’s frame design allows for fast, easy connection of multiple panels so you can create any size of fixture. The panel will accept a wide range of slatwall accessories including hooks, shelves and baskets and the post tops can be fitted with our Display Bowl for increased capacity.

Display Bowl

Impulse Sales Sensation

Made from tough, crystal clear polycarbonate, the Display Bowl is an ideal fixture for those small impulse items suited for sale in the checkout line. Fits to the top of the queue barrier; adapters are available to fit all major barrier brands.

See Specifications

Stanchion Display Bowl

Bowl Tower

360° Merchandizing

Available in 2, 3, and 4 bowl configurations, the Bowl Tower makes the ubiquitous Display Bowl into a standalone fixture. With a minimal 14” footprint and able to be shopped through 360° the Bowl Tower is ideal for use in isles, checkout areas, and other places with limited floor space.

See Specifications

Bowl Tower

Merchandizing Wheel

Maximum Post Top Merchandizing

The Merchandizing Wheel can be used as a standalone fixture or in customer queues to generate impulse sales. Fits to the top of a barrier with a capacity of up to 8, 12 station Clips Strips. Fast simple restocking using preloaded Clip Strips. If used as a standalone fixture all 8 positions can be loaded allowing 360° merchandizing.

See Specifications

Merchandizing Wheel

Merchandizing Beam

In Line Clip Strip & Bowls

The Merchandizing Beam attaches to the queue barrier using the barrier’s receiving splines. Available in 4’ and 6’ lengths, the longer unit can accept 10, 12 positon Clips Strip and up to four Display Bowls.

See Specifications

Merchandizing Beam

Post Top Merchandizing Specifications

Display Bowl
Material : Polycarbonate
Diameter : 12.5"
Depth : 5"
Weight : 1.2 lb
Bowl Tower
Height : 50" / 40" / 30"
Weight : 12 / 11 / 10 lb
Post Diameter : 1"
Base Diameter : 14"
Merchandizing Wheel
Height : 4"
Diameter : 12"
Weight: 2.8 lb
Max Clip Length : 31"
Merchandizing Beam
Max Clip Length : 31"
Beam Length : 4' / 6'
Weight : 5.5 lb / 8.5 lb
Max Bowls : 3 / 4
Max Clip Strips : 14 / 20

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