Lawrence Metal

Lawrence Metal barriers have been around for nearly 130 years. This outstanding crowd control barrier is second to none when it comes to the design of its products and the craftsmanship that is used during the manufacturing process. It is no wonder Lawrence Metal products have been sold in over nearly 180 countries worldwide and is considered the world’s leading manufacturer in crowd control barriers.

The Lawrence Metal Company was the first to create a patented retracting belt and patented braking system within their crowd control products, eliminating the risk of injuring innocent people and children that their products are around. Those two factors alone make nearly all of Lawrence Metal products the safest crowd control barriers used in the world.

The way that these barriers work is that if a child or person happens to release the belt accidentally instead of the belt whipping out of control and hurting someone, it falls to the ground harmlessly and retracts slowly back into its base without hurting someone along the way. Lawrence Metal products are also made with an anti-tamper tape which means that in order to release the tape itself a button must first be pressed. This helps to eliminate further risk of accidents occurring around your customers.

There are many options you can choose from when it comes to Lawrence Metal products. You can choose different colors such as yellow, white, black, red or blue. You can also choose from the different base sizes that the company has available to fit whatever needs you have. You can even choose between different webbing options available such as 7 inches all the way up to 13 inches!

Whether you need a crowd control barrier for an outdoor event or an indoor event, a Lawrence Metal product is definitely a great choice. Whatever Lawrence Metal needs you have, we can help you get what you need. We carry the widest selection of Lawrence Metal products online and our trained professionals are standing by to help you choose the best crowd control barrier that best fits your needs.