Lawrence Barrier

The Lawrence Barrier brand name can be traced all the way back to a tiny metal shop that was founded in 1881 within the heart of New York City. Sticking around through both WWI and WWII this famous brand forged its reputation known as one of the world’s best manufacturer to produce crowd control barriers. They are well known for providing excellent products, great value and quality design. Since its inception Lawrence Barriers have been the leader in making high quality crowd control products that not only helps to provide its clients with high quality queue management and customer guidance, but the company also strives to help its customers improve their business’s efficiencies and improve their business’ productivity.

No matter what your particular needs may be such as if you need a quality crown control barrier that must be used outside or perhaps even inside, a Lawrence Barrier crowd control barrier come in many different available size webbings that you can choose from depending on your specific needs whether you need 7 inch webbing or 13 inch webbing. There are also many different base options that you can choose from to fit your particular style and there are many different colors that you can choose from to make your barrier unique such as white, yellow, red, black or blue.
Also Lawrence Barrier products are highly popular on today’s market. Their patented braking system is designed to have the belt fall down to the floor before retracting back into its base slowly and safely, making Lawrence Barrier products one of the safest types of crowd control barriers around.

No matter what your Lawrence Barrier needs may be, our trained specialists are standing by ready to help you choose the right Lawrence Barrier. We carry the widest selection of Lawrence Barrier products available online and we are more than happy to help you choose the best crowd control barrier that best fits your specific needs.